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Jun 27

The tac net crash chapter is one of my favorites so far~

Ah and. Guess what. I just discovered that including this post, I made 50 pieces of fanart for Mistakes on mistakes until.. I’m so sane and normal about this story can you tell👍

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Jun 30

For the 3rd past life ask game, number 7 and 13?

I got sick and got behind on these I'm so sorry

7) The Slayer form is part of their dread inheritance so how did they earn it? Before or after becoming Chosen?

Okay so I know how the game mechanics work to keep things from being overpowered, which I get, but I took a completely different take on the Slayer form (cause I'm special like that o.o)

So being the mythology nerd and having grown up on PJO, I had some disappointment with how normal Durge is in game play considering they're meant to be a demigod. Even if you go off the idea of Durge is made from a scrap of Bhaal and other Spawn are just born from some mortal he impregnates, imo there still should have been something more that set them apart from normal people other than just simply being slowly going insane murder hobos. I personally headcanoned the idea that all Spawn have the potential to achieve Slayer form through training and an appropriate amount of blood tithes to Bhaal. An idea where Sarevok could instruct how to eventually achieve a level where they could assume the Slayer form, but ultimately only if Bhaal really decided they were worthy. That way we kept some of that "inheritance" vibe to it but it still added that something special I felt the character was lacking. Kind of like reaching a bloody nirvana.

For Fallon, knowing that Durge is canonically Bhaal's specialist little baby and can do no wrong (unless it's loving Banite Chosen), she earned her Slayer form much easier because she has always been a people pleaser in order to survive the temple. She has always put what Sarevok or Sceleritas says over her own thoughts and opinions. As much as I really dislike Fel (he gives me the creeps) I do recognized that he loved Durge in his own twisted way, so I fully believe he helped Fallon find the best people to sacrifice to her father in order to speed run hitting bloody nirvana and achieve her Slayer form.

However for Aria it's a different story. She isn't made for direct and close combat and she's never been "daddy's princess". She hates sacrificing her kills to anyone, especially Bhaal. It's not that she has any problems with killing, she actually enjoys her kills, but only when they are hers. She hates being forced to do anything in Bhaal's name, so her blood tithes, while performed, weren't exactly the most reverent as they should have been. She can only sort of shift into a Slayer form. Like she can get half way there with the more monstrous attributes and appearances (like the horns, claws, the tail, she gets larger, she grows spines) but it isn't complete because she isn't complete. She is an almost perfect Spawn so her Slayer form reflects that. Now admittedly part of this was born from seeing really good fanart of half-shifted Durges on here, but also I thought it added such a cool mechanic story wise that the Spawn could be almost perfect.

13) Cazador's dungeon is located really close to the temple. Were there ever any run-ins with each other or disputes?

I'll be honest that I did not notice this detail while playing so I absolutely have to take a closer look when I get back to act 3. As it is, thinking about it, I feel like the answer is both a yes and no to the run-ins, definitely no disputes.

We all know Cazadick is a major asshole and a whiny bitch, but he was effective and careful. I mean you would have to be in order to survive as a vampire lord living in the heart of Baldur's Gate while planning to perform a profane ritual of ascension. Like the Gate is home to not just the Flaming Fist but also a lot of religious sects that would love to take credit for crushing turts like Cazadick. So I firmly believe that the moment he settled in and found out there was a Bhaalist temple full not only of, well, Bhaalist, but also Bhaalspawn he decided f*ck that and one of the rules given to his Spawn was you are to never go near that place. Kinda like with forbidding them to ever go near where Jaheira's house is.

As for run-ins, I don't think there were ever any face-to-face run-ins with each other, but I do think that they caught glimpses of each other as they came and went. Fallon might have been hiding in the rafters somewhere in the undercity tunnels to think and vibe and watched Astarion and Petras walk under her while arguing over how they fumbled grabbing a victim that night at Elf Song. Astarion probably heard footsteps on his way out one night and ducked in a corner to hide only to peek out and see three Bhaalspawn sisters playing a dangerous game of knife tag. Both groups of spawn very likely came across the aftermath of the other and walked the same beaten paths they did without ever really acknowledging the presence of the other because there was no need to. I think at the same time it may have been a comfort knowing there was someone else walking the same paths you did, living just as awful a life, but you were suffering together and there was some comfort found in knowing there really would be others out there that could relate to you.

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Jan 18

I love Apollo:Blood Wars! I’m desperate to see those three get their comeuppance! I know absolutely nothing about daemons but your fix does a great job at conveying the seriousness of the relationship. I wouldn’t of thought that Alec would have a parrot but it makes sense! If you don’t mind elaborating, what was your process for deciding everyone’s daemon?

Tbh, I’m a sucker for any story that recognises the lack of stellar siblingship in shadowhunters. Season one Alec is treated awfully and I love him being appreciated. Like, I get they’re teenagers but surely siblings would know the amount of sh*te he’s dealing with being acting head.

Love all your works and looking forward to updates!

Thank you for the kind words, nonnie!

For some reason, all of my leftover salt for the way Jace and Izzy treat Alec in season 1 came out in this fic, which means it takes some getting used to when I switch over to a fic where they are being good siblings.

Also, I am apologizing for the absolute ramble I'm going to send your way, but in my defense, you asked about the choosing process for the daemons! I'm only going to be mentioning the daemons we already have met to avoid rambling too much.

So, for Alec, I knew I wanted a bird from the get-go, and while I have seen a lot of fanart of Alec holding a raven or a crow I wanted to do something different. Then I just went for personality: I needed it to be an intelligent bird, social and cuddly with those it trusts and loves but picky about handing out that trust and so I ended up choosing a parrot. (I'll admit I was partially influenced by my own parrots, one of which I have heavily based Apollo's quirks on.)Additionally, I thought it was funny to give Alec, who doesn't speak much unless he's at ease, an animal known for talking a lot as a daemon.

For Magnus: Well who else but Chairman Meow could it have been? So, that one didn't take much thought.

Izzy got a black panther because I wanted something graceful, strong, and most of all dangerous. Several characters have daemons that appear harmless - either because of magic or because they're animals we tend to wrongly consider harmless. But, with Izzy, I didn't want that to be the case because Izzy gives me very strong "I'm dangerous. I know I'm dangerous. And I don't hide it" vibes in the series. And so, black panther!

Jace got a lioness (as well as two other forms that haven't been revealed yet!) for similar reasons. I wanted a dangerous animal, prideful if possible and, what with the whole "Jace is one of the best fighters the Clave has seen in years" I needed it to be a King of thee Jungle kind of dangerous so that's how I landed on a lioness for him.

Underhill has a snappy, eastern box turtle: smart, quiet, shy and harmless (at least at first sight). They're often considered solitary creatures, but they can grow really strong bonds with other turtles or their human owners when in captivity, and this ties into my headcanon that Underhill looks like a friendly loner at first (nice and kind but likes to keep to his own) but that he just needs some time to get out of his shell so to speak.

Clary has a dove and a bull (+ one more unrevealed form) the former of which she shares with Valentine. I liked the idea of Valentine using the fact that his daemon is a dove ( a symbol of peace and purity) as a way to further prove his righteousness and moral superiority compared to the rest when he was still starting out with creating the Circle. Clary having that same daemon is also my not-so-subtle way of showing how, despite being very against him in the series, Clary shows a lot of traits that are similar to Valentine. The bull daemon is another - is dangerous, but also fits Clary because of her bullheadedness, I run full speed without thinking of the consequences personality. (Or that's the way I read her at least.)

Jace and Clary's daemons having multiple forms will be dived into further as the story progresses, but it ties back into the whole "all downworlders have something special going on with their daemons" thing.

Kyle (yes I am talking about my OC's and their daemons because I am entirely shameless) has a dumbo rat: friendly, sociable, curious, inquisitive, and very intelligent (which works well with Kyle being the Head of the Investigation Department), cuddly and just all around very affectionate. Basically, they're golden labrador puppies but as rats, which fits Kyle.

Cécile has a Barbados threadsnake (the smallest snake species in the world! They are so cute and smoll!) They're solitary like most snakes and prefer a nocturnal lifestyle. They're non-venomous and prefer to spend most of their time burrowed in soft soil, which again works with Cécile who prefers to be on her own, which is why she spends most of her time working undercover in the mundane world in places where mundanes might unknowingly come into contact with demons.

I'm going to stop my rambling here before I really turn this into a novel, but yeah that is a very rough resume of the thought process I had when choosing the different daemons. :D

#foodsies rambles#foodsies answers#apollo fic#also someone tell me to go write some more AWG one-shots or to work on the second installment#because I want to#but my brain is being rude

How to Create Image Descriptions

So I’ve been creating image descriptions on tumblr for about a month, and I wanted to share some helpful guides I’ve found on how to create them as well as my own tips that I’ve picked up. Video descriptions and transcripts are also necessary, but since I mostly focus on image descriptions that’s what this guide is about. This might get a bit long, so fair warning.

What are image descriptions?

Image descriptions are a textual depiction of what is going on in an image, as shown with the image below.

[Image ID: A picture of a person with short black hair working on a computer. They are sitting at a wooden table with a large blue pot of pink flowers in front of a grey brick wall. A guitar is propped up against the wall in the background, and there is a string of lights near the ceiling. /.End ID]

Why create image descriptions?

The primary reason for creating image descriptions is to allow people who are blind/have limited vision to experience visual content. Many people who are blind/have low vision use screenreaders, which read text out loud when it is clicked or hovered over with a mouse. A large amount of online content, such as pictures, graphics, or drawings, is visual and so possibly cannot be experienced by someone with vision problems. As a general rule of thumb, anything that can be dragged or dropped most probably requires a description. In addition, if someone has partial vision and attempts to zoom in on an image, sometimes it can become pixelated and impossible to understand.

Some neurodivergent people might need a description to understand the tone of an image, such as the meaning of facial expressions of a person to understand what emotion the artist is trying to depict

Some people might not have high speed internet or have low computer memory, meaning that they turn off images in order to save space. This means that they as well might require descriptions of visual content

Are image descriptions the same as alt text?

no, alt text and image descriptions serve the same purpose, but they are different in how they are presented. Alt text, short for alternative text, is included in the html of an image and can be read by a screen reader. However, there are many reasons why many prefer image descriptions over alt text.

There is a limit of 200 words in alt text on tumblr specifically(and not in other contexts, which makes this information only applicable here), which means that detailed images or graphics are unable to be described fully without possibly cutting out important information.

People who require descriptions, but who do not use a screenreader, must right-click and search through the html of an image in order to find alt text, but with an image description they are saved that work.

Who should create image descriptions?

Everyone who is able to should create image descriptions. A content creator is best able to communicate the message of their work through text, as they are the one who created it and thus understand its message the best. While of course it takes practice when starting out, over time image descriptions become second nature when posting visual content. Always check the notes of a tumblr post for an ID rather than reblogging without one.

What should be included in image descriptions?

There is no simple answer to this question, there are a variety of resources and guides on how to create one, and you should not accept my advice as the ultimate authority, as I am by no means a professional, and only create descriptions in my spare time as part of the effort to make Tumblr more accessible. However, here is my information for those starting out.

First, consider what type of visual content it is. Is it fanart of a tv show, a screenshot of a tweet, or an informational graphic meant to educate people on a particular issue?

Then, consider what information is most important in the image. If the visual content is an image of a famous building, then in writing the description the focus should be on the building, rather than describing for instance the color of the sky, surrounding buildings, or the clothing of the people walking by, as they are not the information that is being presented.

Perkins ELearning has an excellent list of things that should generally be included, which I will include here. In my experience, these are the most important elements to describe

The people and animals in an image

The background or setting of an image

Elements that relate to the context specifically, so if it was an image of a congested highway on a news website, the description would mention the packed cars

The colors of an image (don’t overdo it however, a simple‘light blue’ will suffice, no need to say something like‘a color blue that is similar to the color of a robin’s egg’ unless it is crucial to the viewer’s comprehension of an image)

Context for an image. For instance, imagine if someone had drawn a version of the Bernie Sanders‘I am once again asking’ meme, with Eleanor Shellstrop from the Good Place saying“I am once again asking for there to be a Medium Place.” Rather than provide a description to the example such as: [Image ID: A drawing of Eleanor Shellstrop saying“I am once again asking for there to be a Medium Place.” /.End ID] you would instead say [Image ID: A redraw of the Bernie Sanders‘I am once again asking’ meme with Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place saying“I am once again asking for there to be a Medium Place. /.End ID]

If the image is of a social media post, include the username/handle of the creator as well as the reactions (likes/reblogs) if they are visible in the image, as they may be cut off by the original screenshotter.

If it is a drawing or piece of art, always look for the artist’s signature when writing a description

How do I write an image description?

To start off, here is an example description written for a piece of art I made myself.

[Image ID: A digital drawing of Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender over a gold background. She is shown from the shoulders up facing the viewer, and has a neutral expression. She is wearing metal armor over a light green tunic, and is wearing her Kyoshi Warriors facepaint and headdress. The artist’s signature‘Astra’ is written in the lower right of the image. /.End ID]

In this description:

I made clear where the description begins and ends, so that someone with a screenreader is not confused. I usually use brackets ([ ]), write the words‘Image ID’ (or video/gif/other) and finish with a slash, period, and the words End ID. (/.End ID)

I emphasized the type of image, in this case a digital drawing

I said the character’s name (obviously this may not be known if describing a photo or something you are not familiar with)

I described the background and the character’s clothing

I described her expression

I included the description of my signature.

This is my basic process for writing a description

I first say what the content is, such as a drawing, photo, or screenshot of a tweet.

I then use what is called Object-Action-Context for the most part, which UXDesign has a long article on For example, [Image ID: A photo of a person standing in a crowd waving to someone out of view in front of a river. /.End ID] While obviously I would usually provide more information than that, Person = object, standing + waving to someone out of view = action, and‘in a crowd’ = context.

I describe the clothing that might be worn

I talk about the position that people in an image might be in, such as leaning against one another on a couch, or standing with their fingers intertwined

I talk about the expressions on their faces, if shown

I talk about their general appearance (if important to the description) such as hair color/length

As said before, I talk about the context of an image if necessary

If the background is a simple color, I usually include it in the first sentence of the description. However if it is more complicated, such as a river winding through a dense forest, I include that at the end of the description after describing the important elements.

Typically if I am reblogging an image, I do not add on any commentary after creating an image description, as this allows others to reblog my description without my personal reaction. If I want to add on to an image, I usually reblog my description post.

In general, it is best to remain objective when writing a description, meaning not including your opinion of the content. However especially in an informal setting, say for instance you were describing an adorable cow, I would see it as fine to say [Image ID: A small drawing of an adorable cow. /.End ID] because the emphasis is on the appearance. There isn’t a clearcut answer, and it really depends on the context.

What are some tips for writing descriptions/common pitfalls?

If there is an element of an image like a line that represents an emotion, or a sound effect like‘clang’ if something falls, include that in the description. For instance, [Image ID: ...beside the mug that has fallen on the floor, there are the words‘sploosh’ indicating the sound of the water that has spilled out. /.End ID]

Put image descriptions first. Don’t hide them under readmores or any other text. If you have something with multiple images and you are the creator, place the description under each image in succession rather than all at the end. Readmores are ableist, as they require someone who has vision problems/one of the conditions described above to do more work to access the message of visual content.

If you are mentioning the skin color and/or race of someone in an image, make sure you describe it for anyone else who might be in an image. Don’t just describe the race of someone who appears to not be white. This doesn’t mean that you have to describe race, such as if the character is one whose race is commonly known, just that if you do, make sure you do it for all characters/people in an image.

In order to write IDs effectively, I’ve found it useful to download a screen reader. I use NVDA, which is entirely free and easy to use and can be downloaded here:

Insert + Q turns it off

While my guide has focused mostly on image descriptions, video descriptions are also necessary. However they are not my area of expertise, and differ slightly, so I would recommend anyone interested in them to check out this website

Transcripts, for those who are d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing, are also necessary for making content accessible, and might be required for content that also has a visual format, such as a Tiktok. I would recommend this website anyone interested in writing transcripts

What are some more resources I can check out?

Here are a series of websites that I have found while researching how to write descriptions

UX Design - I mentioned UX Design earlier when talking about Object - Action - Context, this article is very useful and examines how to structure a description and provides very useful examples for beginners

Perkins E-Learning - This article is very useful in helping someone what to include in a description, such as clothing or background information, as well as providing some additional information on alt text if you are interested

Meloukhianet - This blog post by s. e. smith goes into detail on the elements of an image to emphasize depending on its context, using the example of a picture of their cat sunning himself.

SOAP- This article by the Stanford Online Accessibility Program (SOAP) provides a large amount of information on the purpose of image descriptions and what content requires them

HubPages- This article by SOTD and Zera discusses the difference between sparse, lush, and overdone descriptions, which is the amount of information included, and if/when each should be used.

I hope you found this information helpful, I encourage everyone to check out these websites, and my inbox is always open for questions!

#has id#please feel free to send me any questions you might have!#while I am not a professional by any definition of the term#accessibility is a large interest of mine and so I am more than happy to help#image descriptions#accessibility


Nov 14, 2022

What do you think of the IF community as a whole? And of the process of creating your own IFs? (I am curious because so many factors are involving in an IF: writing, planning, coding, often managing a blog, interacting with your community... how has it been for you?)

Hi Anon,

I'll answer the second one first: it has some ups and down. If you read my almost weekly progress posts, you can see where I'm at. I try to often include how I feel about things because it will affect my speed/progress on a project. Overall, I love it. Sometimes, less so. Sometimes, it's just a lot.

I've had some weird anons being rude for some small things, which was not cool. But most people are nice, it's made the whole thing fun.

I think I am more proud of learning some new languages/skills almost on my own more than anything else.

As for the community as a whole, answering is a bit difficult. I think I interact with a very limited crowd in general (whether it is here or Discord or the Forum), I am not really a minority (I might be for some aspects, but I don't want to talk about it online, and I don't particularly consider myself one anyway), and my projects do not really handle heavy topics. This means that I have had a pretty sanitised experience overall (if you take out those handful of rude trolls).

Like every group, there are positives and negatives. We are a very passionate bunch, there is a lot of creativity around (whether it is from the authors creating stuff or readers making fanart), and the cheering for others is so so so very lovely. There are so many interesting projects out there, from reinventing older pieces of art into IF to take a new spin on an old genre, to just going knees deep into a tried and tested trope. The amount of amazing writers pouring their passion into their work makes me so happy to be a part of this group. And having so many of us wanting and willing to help others (from coding to beta-testing each other's work) really warms my heart.

But... It's not all sunshine and rainbows either.

I've seen authors getting a lot hate, so much so that some would end up abandoning their projects or internet altogether (doxxing is no joke). I don't think a week passes before a rude asstwat passes my dashboard. The vitriolic violence that people get for choosing to create their projects one way rather than another, changing the gender/sexuality of a FICTIONAL character, not writing/updating fast enough, not including that reader's idea/request in the project, or... and that is so much worse, the author's identity.

I want to stay that I don't understand why people spew so much hate, but I have seen how people behave on the internet (or for some of them, why), and I am not surprised by it. Just very disappointed they would choose this rather than kindness (or just not interacting).

#ask box#personal#there are def some sh*tty things with how authors handle some topics#but I don't feel qualified to talk about that#if someone does#please add it and I'll reblog it


Sep 6, 2022

Helluva Boss fanart...from me? It's more likely than you think. May have overdone it on the image size, though. Oh well.

However people may feel about Vivziepop, none can't deny that she and her team have weaved together an immensely interesting world full of surprisingly complex characters, a feat in itself considering it's literally hell. What I'm looking forward to the most, however, are the other Princes of Hell (cuz Asmodeus and Lucifer - or what little we've been given so far - look positively stunning).But since that might be a long time in coming, why not fill the void with fan interpretations?In which case, here's mine: Satan, the Prince of Wrath itself. Also yes, yes he is a cowboy since the Wrath Ring is Hell's answer to the Wild West and all that. I might have goofed a little on the horns, though, since in his app logo, the side horns are supposed to be the larger of the pair but I sure as hell (pun intended) am not going going back to fix that. Besides, I rather like how his horniness looks here (also pun intended).Side note: he owns a massive flying hell horse called Baphomet (hence the wings in the app) who will definitely be getting a character sheet of his own soon...ish.Double side note: as for the back tattoo...let's just say he's got a little something-something on the side with one of the archangels.


Voice: Patrick Page

Gender: Cis Male

Personality:Grumpy |Persistent | Practical |Levelheaded |Temperamental | Honorable |Sarcastic |Domineering |Vindictive | Loyal


Has multiple former names: his original name as God’s enforcer was Satanael, but nowadays hates hearing it in public; Raphael is the only one who calls him by Samael, his very first name (and Sammy by extension)

Was God’s enforcer and executioner before he fell

Believes that humankind is fundamentally hopeless, too much of sheep to think for themselves, due to 1) how Adam and Eve responded to the fallout of their actions, despite everything he could to help them and 2) how humanity kept carrying themselves even after Jesus’ sacrifice

More or less became the imps’ leader (and in turn Prince of Wrath) by accident after he saved one of them from a massive hell beast despite only fending for himself, an action that won the imps’ adoration

This adoration is part of why their abysmal social status in Hell hurts him so much.Doesn’t the Prince of Wrath’s people deserve the same amount of clout as him?

He also hates sinners as a result since even they rank above imps

His appearance matches the imps because God felt it would suit him to be trapped among beings as violent as him.

However, God had expected the imps to go to town on him – hence Satan’s demonic form; he never anticipated Satan would become their own god.

Secretly supplying weapons and other materials to an imp/hellhound rebellion. Even the rebellion itself isn’t aware, although its leaders have their suspicions

Likes:War and combat |Exercising |A good challenge |Hard work |Payback |Cooking |Leading a simple life |His steed, Baphomet |Raphael and Damian |Riding horseback in his free time

Dislikes:The cold |Sinners |When someone holds back on him |Handling delicate things due to his huge fingers | Being reminded that imps are the lowest of the low |Having to go back on his word |Politics (mostly due to how twofaced he finds it) |Anything extravagant/ornate |Kiss-ups


Supernatural strength, endurance, and durability

Gives damn-good bear hugs, including the lethal kind

The physically strongest of the Princes

Superb gunmanship

Absurd speed

Can draw out his guns Iaijutsu-style, killing thousands of targets in the blink of a second

Expert at lassoing

Limited shapeshifting

Berserk mode where he’s temporarily invincible, similar to Kratos’ Spartan Rage

Can become a living meteor while riding Baphomet, similar to Starscourge Radahn from Elden Ring

Elemental earth/fire powers

Can transform into a massive lava/earth Minotaur-like monster, huge wings and four eyes included

Amazing singer


Twin handguns he calls Alpha and Omega, capable of taking out even Exterminator Angels, each bearing the Greek letter they’re named after

Handguns can combine into a shotgun that can fire guided bullets that act like attacks from Dragon Ball Z; similar to what Tanya uses on the fighter planes in The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Near-indestructible lasso

Weaknesses:Struggles with being emotionally open |Has little patience and expertise with anything hi-tech |Has a complex about being open with his more ‘feminine’ pursuits |His temper

Jobs:Head of law enforcement in Hell |Lucifer’s second in command |Head of Hell’s military forces |Exercise instructor


Used to be a polyamorous couple with Michael, a fellow commander of Heaven’s armies

In a secret longtime marriage with the archangel Raphael

Only the other Princes, Archangels, and anyone else old enough remember that they were ever together

However, nobody (save for Jophiel, Beelzebub, and Asmodeus) knows that they’re married with a son

The voice of reason among the Seven Deadly Sins (much to his chagrin)

Fun Facts:

Surprisingly has a code of honor, albeit a twisted one

Believes that justice can only be achieved if you have the bodily and mental might to do so

Snores like a bear

Makes the littlest deal out of his popularity with his subjects, although he’s not above making use of it

Owns a massive flying hell-horse called Baphomet, one of the few beings capable of bringing out Satan’s soft side

His hair flares up when upset

Based on:

Vincent Volaju (Cowboy Bebop)

Santa Claus

Benjamin Bryon Davis

Dutch van der Linde (Red Dead Redemption)

Joker and Satanael (Persona 5)

Satan (Animaniacs)

Kratos (God of War)

Nicholas St. North and Bunnymund (Rise of the Guardians)

Anyway, Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel belong to Vivziepop. All I own is my depiction.

Don't forget to hit me up on Ko-Fi for commissions!


For better quality views: DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Weasyl

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Nov 11, 2022

Considering how many times el hoyo del patio has given away hov and the sheer amount of super sonic reruns in speed battle (the latest one being a direct result of frontiers) I want to see honkai x sonic crossover fanart depicting super sonic and God kiana being bros

Because at this point Super Sonic is to Forces mobile what HoV is to honkai

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Sep 2, 2020

The Nightwing Suit

There are some absolutely incredible artists out here on tumblr, and seeing their fanart makes me cry tears of joy. Dick Grayson, one of my personal favs, is always a wonderful contender for fanart. His innate grace and agility and flexibility translate beautifully on the artistic spectrum. Bottom line: I love all the Nightwing fanart. However, there is something I want to address with his suit. I’ve been an aerialist ever since I was 7 years old, and I’ve taken gymnastics since I was 3. Now, I specialize in Lyra, while Dick obviously specializes in Trapeze, but when it comes to costume, we’ve got many very important similarities.


When it comes to aerial, we want as much mobility and flexibility as possible. So here are some things that absolutely will not be on his suit.

1. Shoulder Pads. I will scream it from the rooftops if I have to. The Nightwing suit WILL NOT have shoulder pads!! Red Hood? Definitely. Red Robin? Those shoulder pads are important for bo staff strength and support. Robin? Damian probably doesn’t need them, but they won’t hurt. Nightwing? No way. To me, one of the most important parts of my body when practicing and performing are my shoulders. They pull me into hangs and holds, let me rotate myself around, and basically support the rest of my body. This is partially due to user preference: I prefer arm-based stunts and hangs rather than leg based. But it honestly doesn’t matter that much. Nightwing will absolutely need 100% use of his shoulders. Him being able to freely rotate them can be the difference between life and death with his style of fighting. Shoulder pads will just hamper that flexibility. I will admit that shoulder pads look badass, but in this one hero’s scenario? Shouldr pads are a no-go.

2. Sleek Arm Braces. Nightwing, while being well recognized as a solo hero, does often work with a team. And on a team, he isn’t the type to huff angrily and say he can do this by himself. Emotionally? Yes, of course. Physically, and in a fight? He takes all the help he can get, with absolutely no would to his pride. When performing his flips and tricks and such, the other partner will grab hold of him by usually his hands or his arms. I’m just going to straight up say: catching someone by their hands is a Bad Idea. You will not believe the speed we travel when we go through the air, and catching by the hands will lead to dislocations and pain. For a few stunts it’s okay, mainly for the visual aspect of a performance. But when it’s life and death combat? Hands are a last ditch effort if you can’t catch someone by the arms. Because that’s what really counts. The forearms. When Dick is fighting with someone, and that other person has the strength to catch him/throw him from a drop or a flip, they will catch him by the forearms. If Dick’s wearing sleek‘n sexy arm braces, he’s going to slip right out of their grip. I prefer to keep my forearms bare, but in regards to protective armor, the fabric around the arms better have a grip.

3. Extra Fabric. This one is a given. However, I want to get into the specifics. When you’re in the air, momentum is your most powerful ally, and if there’s anything opposing or hindering that momentum, that spells trouble. Extra fabric can sometimes be good, such as around the legs. Not too much, obviously, but wearing loose or baggy pants while fighting with Nightwing’s fighting style works (as long as you can, you know, actually fight in them and not trip over the extra cloth). Around the middle? Nuh-uh, nope. Anything looping around your waist, hips, or rib cage is a liability if it’s not skin tight. The belt that Robin often wears is okay, as long as it’s wrapped pretty tight around him and doesn’t move. For the kind of stunts that Dick pulls off on a daily basis? I don’t think anything but a skintight bodysuit will help. For arms, extra fabric is ~okay~ but not preferable. And anything strapped to his back, as long as it’s securely in place, will actually help his momentum (so his escrima sticks or any other weapon/item you want to put in there is fine). Nothing around the neck, at ALL. That one issue in Batman where Dick wears a scarf is hot as hell, and sort of makes sense because they’re in the desert. But on missions, at the speed Nightwing fights and flies through the air, anything around his neck willchoke him. This entire section definitely wasn’t an excuse to say you should just keep Dick in a skintight outfit, nope, not at all.

4. Spandex. While we’re on the subject of skintight outfits, I just want to point something out that isn’t necessarily important or anything. It’s just a general preference for me. I prefer costumes with a little weight on them. The adrenaline rush is intense for some of my more advanced stunts, and those are things that I bet Dick would consider basic. I prefer something with a little substance/weight/texture to it. Nothing too serious, and nothing too restricting, just something to keep me grounded and focused. We all know how much Dick likes being in the air, but I’m willing to bet he also needs a little extra touch to keep his head in the game. So if you’re designing a serious Nightwing suit, not for crack or fun headcanons or anything, I would steer clear from the spandex, gauze, and showy-light-gossamer fabrics. They do provide extra mobility and flexibility, but that’s because they’re one drop away from naked.

5. Joints. Okay this may seem a little contradictory based on the last point, but around the joints, especially hips and shoulders, the protective padding needs to ease up. It’s one of the hardest areas on the body to injure, after all, even for a professional. And second, I know I’m sounding like I’m repeating the obvious, but flexibility is of utmost importance. If the fabric doesn’t bend with Nightwing, then there’s no point. It can’t chafe, it can’t grind against itself, it can’t break. The material around major joints needs to be malleable.


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you can absolutely add to Nightwing’s costume to give it either a littlepizzazz, or just your own personal touch.

1. Boots. Yes yes yes, boots are an absolute must! And it’s not just me thinking thigh-high boots are cool. Coming out of a big drop and other major stunts requires rolling on your back and then onto your feet. But Nightwing doesn’t fight with the one-hit-and-done style. (That’s more Jason’s thing. He plants himself like a tree and puts power behind a punch, kinda like Bruce, which is why boots-especially boot soles- are important for them.) Nightwing gets in a punch and flips away, then bounces back and gets in a kick and flips away, then bounces back and gets in another kick and flips away. You see where I’m going with this. Dick is constantly on the move, constantly on the verge of flipping back. The mainway he does this is with his feet: landing lightly on the balls of his feet to absorb momentum before using that to hit back. Boots with fricion-specific soles are important, he cannotslide or skid. Also, ones that go higher up aren’t bad either: extra support is always welcome. As long as they don’t cover his knees and allow for ankle flexibility, they’re good to go. They may even help stop ankle dislocation. Anything you want to add to the boots? Go ahead. As long as it’s not gauzy ribbon or something too extra, or something that can easily get caught in something else, it’s good to go. In my performances, I like to cover my shins with something, it can range from simple high socks or performance boots to go with my costume. I particularly like Damian’s long lace up boots, especially in Super Sons. It’s a cute outfit, and it won’t hinder his fighting at all. As long as Dick double knots, he can wear those, and any other variants of boots.

2. Gloves. I’m not actually sure if Dick has ever been called“Fingerstripes” in canon, but I’ve seen it in fanon plenty of times. Regardless, it’s one of my favorite nicknames for him, and it does have a basis. The stripes on his gloves are an awesome artistic choice, and useful too. Assuming they have a different texture than the rest of his gloves, those fingerstripes could help with grip. Grip is one of the most important tools an aerialist can have. I have had grown men look at me with shock when they shake my hand because of my firm grip (and the calluses, ugh). I firmly believe that Dick Grayson has one of the strongest grips in the DC non-meta world, and I bet you he surpasses even a good amount of metas. Having a good, no-slip grip is essential, even if you’re just swinging from the surface for a second, or if the surface is another partner’s hand. Gloves, once again as long as they’re not too restricting, would be awesome with helping with that.

3. Wrist Braces. I said before that Dick can’t have arm braces because of the whole partner-grip thing. But with the amount of force and pressure Dick exerts on his hands on a daily basis, dislocations and sprains should be as common as a bruise. Hell, I’m sitting here typing this and my left wrist is sprained. Fanfic writers, here’s a helpful tip: you can write Dick with a sprained or dislocated or just a plain sore wrist anytime at all, and having him rub his hands with a grimace, rubbing lotion onto them, or doing wrist exercises in his free time is a go-to for if you need anything filler. Or, you know, it could even be part of the plot. Wrist braces help with this, they keep the joints in place and add a little extra stability to his movements. As long as they’re not interfering with wrist mobility, wrist braces are a very very good idea. When you think how long, think about the length of Peter Parker’s handmade web shooters. Long enough to be there, but not immediately noticeable. Also, make sure the material is something cloth, wrap, or gauze based. Anything too hard could scrape against the skin, cause cuts and bruises, and even cut off circulation. Unless it’s armor, it’s not comfortable or easy to do aerial maneuvers with.

4. Back Harness. To be honest, I have no idea what the official name for this piece of equipment even is. But the thing that holds Nightwing’s escrima sticks to his back. The thing that holds Deadpool’s katanas (in the movies, not the comics). The back-strap-harness thingy. That’s a go-for-it when it comes to costumes. Not only does it look badass and hot when it’s on your costume and you draw your weapons from it seamlessly like a boss, it’s practical and doesn’t interfere with your fighting at all. As I said, a majority of Nightwing’s moves rely on momentum. The back harness thingy won’t harm that at all. As long as it’s strapped to your back, unmoving and steady, it stays out of the way and may actually help you with your momentum. Drawing weapons from it is easy and seamless, and one of the quickest moves you can perfect, aside from drawing your weapon from thigh/calf holsters. But as I said before, Dick would probably stick to the back because, once again, momentum.

Okay this got much longer than I thought it would. But regardless, I hope this helps if you’re ever drawing or writing about the Nightwing suit and need specifics. Or hell, if you’re a cosplayer and need some information on how to make an accurate costume, here you go. Now I need to take a breather and chill, because while I considered myself a pretty recreational comic reader and not much of an analyzer, I had no idea how much I picked up about Dick’s individual fighting style and how that fits in with my own aerial experiences.

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