Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (2024)

**Welcome! This page is intended for students who are admitted to UMD for the Fall 2021semester**

We are so happy that you have chosen to attend the University of Maryland and pursue your studies with theCollege of Agriculture and Natural Resources! We cannot wait to meet you at virtual orientation this Winter!

Before you can begin registering for classes though, you will need to attend New Student Orientation. Orientation is required forallnew University of Maryland studentsincluding freshman, transfer and international students, regardless of residency status. TheNew Student Orientation Officeprovides the orientation schedule and registration information. Be sure to register for one of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources orientation dates. For questions and additional information,contact the Orientation Office.

Register for Orientation

To register for orientation:

Create your University ID

  • International students should email admissions to create their Student ID before they are able to register for Orientation.

Use your University ID to register for New Student Orientation

  • International students should first contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services regarding their required orientation session and immigration information.
  • Spring admitted freshmen students planning to participate in Freshman Connection will select an orientation date when enrolling in the program and should contact the program directly with any questions.

Once you have registered for orientation, you will receive an invitation to New Student Orientation's online classroom. Remember, you must complete all of your Modules & Quizzes before your scheduled orientation date.

Important things to note:

  • Please make sure to check your email for information from your Advising College regarding your virtual Academic Advising Appointment and additional steps before you register.
  • Some Transfer students are REQUIRED to complete a Math Placement exam before orientation. Visit HERE (Links to an external site.) for more details.
  • All orientation and class registration information will be sent via EMAIL. Please make sure your email is up to date with the university. You can update your email by visiting (Links to an external site.) and clicking "Change Address/E-mail."

Attend Orientation and Meet Your College

The Orienation Office will be in touch with you providing all the information you need to complete their online modules. Be sure to check your e-mail often for communication from both of our offices!

Our AGNR specific "Meet Your College"sessionwill be taking place LIVE via Zoom at 9:30am EST on your first day of orientation. You will receive a Zoom link and instructions to access the virtual session closer to your orientation date! (Note: if you do not attend virtual orientation orthis college-specific session, you will not receive the approval necessary to register for classes.)

AGNR Orientation dates can be found here:

And be sure to check out a preview of your orientation schedule!First Year Schedules and Transfer Schedules do vary so please follow the right one for you.

After You "Meet Your College"

You've attended the Meet Your College session for AGNR... now what?

  • Forms to be completed:
    • Photo Release Form (link coming soon)
    • Advising Questionnaire (link coming soon)
  • Follow-Up Q&A
    • Do you have more questions after our MYC session? Maybe you're still unclear about General Education courses or maybe you want to learn a little more about our college resources. Feel free to come back and get some more answers.
    • These Q&A sessions are optional and will take place at 1:00pm EST on the same day as Meet Your College.
  • Advising meetings:
    • First Year Students: You will continue to follow your official Orientation schedule for Day 1. On Day 2, you will get to meet your advisor and have your first academic advising session! During this time, you will discuss your course options and plans for your degree.
    • Transfer Students: You get to meet with your advisor as soon as the session is over! Be sure to watch your email for advising appointment information and instructions.
  • Still have questions after your advising appointment? No need to worry! We will be hosting an open drop-in hour at 4pm EST on advising days.
    • During this drop-in, we will be around tohelp you adjust your class schedule,pick out more classes (if needed), and answer any other questions you might have!

Meet Your New Advisor

Agricultural & Resource Economics (AREC)

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (1)

Jill Janofsky(she, her, hers)

Assistant Director of AREC Undergraduate Programs

Agricultural Science & Technology (AGST)
Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (2)


Dr. Bill Phillips(he, him, his)

Director of AgriculturalScience & Technology

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (3)

Environmental Horticulture

Dr. Diana Cochran(she, her, hers)

Assistant Clinical Professor

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (4)

Agricultural & Extension Education

Dr. Melissa Leiden Welsh(she, her, hers)

Assistant Clinical Professor

Animal & Avian Sciences (ANSC)

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (5)

Dr. Sarah Balcom(she, her, hers)

Director ofANSC Undergraduate Programs

Environmental Science & Policy (ENSP)
Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (6)

Angela Mazur Gray(she, her, hers)

Assistant Director of ENSP Undergraduate Program

Environmental Science & Technology (ENST)

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (7)

Shannon Pederson Browne(she, her, hers)

Lecturer and Advisor for ENST

Certified Wildlife Biologist and PhD Candidate

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (8)

Dr. Jose-Luis Izursa(he, him, his)

Lecturer and Advisor for ENST

Nutrition & Food Science (NFSC)
Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (9)

Nutrition Science and Food Science

Sara Kao(she, her, hers)

Assistant Director of NFSC Student Programs

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (10)


Dr. Margaret Udahogora(she, her, hers)

Dietetics Program Director

Plant Science (PLSC) & Landscape Architecture (LARC)
Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (11)

Plant Biology

Dr. Gary Coleman(he, him, his)

Associate Professor and Director,PLSC Academic Programs

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (12)

Turf & Golf Course Management

Dr. Mark Carroll(he, him, his)

Associate Professor and Program Director ofENSP

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (13)

Urban Forestry

Dr. Joe Sullivan(he, him, his)

Professor and Associate Dean of AGNR Academic Programs

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (14)

Landscape Architecture

Dr. Christopher Ellis(he, him, his)

Professor and Director of Landscape Architecture

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (15)

Landscape Architecture

Dr. Dennis Nola(he, him, his)

Instructor and LARC Undergraduate Program Chair

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (16)

All Programs (AGST, PLSC, & LARC)

Diana Cortez(she, her, hers)

Academic Advisor and Lecturer

International Programs (2+2 Program)
Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (17)

Ann Leger (she, her, hers)

Coordinator, International Programs in Agriculture & Natural Resources

For Parents/Guardians of First-Year/Freshman Students

The parent & family program is an optional program that coincides with but is separate from the student orientation. Thisintensive one-day program is designed to answer parents'/guardians'administrative, academic, and transition questions all while introducing them to various university resources.

Built into the program is an intimate meeting with representatives from the College of AGNR. This special breakout session is your opportunity to ask questions more specific to your student's major, advising, and college-centric opportunities. These breakout sessionswill take place on Day-1 of First-Year Student programsfrom 2:30-3:00pm EST.

To register for this program, you may register when your student registers for orientationor you may call the Orientation Officeat (301) 314-8217. After registration, they will provide you will all the necessary access information you will need for your program.

Summer 2021 - New Student Orientation (2024)


How important is new student orientation? ›

Schools use orientation events to onboard students into their systems (housing, classes, etc.). Even if it is not required, it is a good idea to attend so that the transition to college goes as smoothly as possible.

What happens on orientation Day? ›

College orientation is your introduction to life at university. You'll schedule your classes, meet new classmates, get familiar with campus and visit support offices like advising and counseling. Some universities require you to attend college orientation.

What do parents wear to college orientation? ›

For parents, I'd really try to avoid wearing a suit. I know this can be tempting, but think business casual, or even a cross between casual and business casual.

What is the orientation program for college students? ›

Orientation is the time to get acquainted with your university campus and what life is going to be like. At the orientations, most colleges get you to pick classes for the semester. You can meet your academic counsellors and advisors and then plan out your major.

Can I skip new student orientation? ›

What If You Miss It? Orientation looks different for each college. Some schools make attendance optional, while others strictly require you to attend. Many colleges make orientation for first-year students mandatory because financial aid and academic counseling are rolled into the day.

Is orientation program necessary? ›

Orientation is important because it lays a foundation for the new employee's entire career with the department.

What is expected at a orientation? ›

At orientation you'll meet your new classmates and learn how the college runs its business. You'll go on a campus tour and find out where your classes will be, where your advisor has an office, where the student health center is and most importantly, where your dorm room is in relation to the nearest dining hall.

Is attending orientation mandatory? ›

You should go and attend the orientation program. Many colleges have it on both college level and department level. On college level, they will welcome all the students to their college and the principal will address you after that you will be served with snacks.

How long does an orientation take? ›

In general, a new employee's orientation will take around three hours or no longer than a full workday. However, the correct amount of time to spend on new hire orientation varies from organization to organization.

Do people bring their parents to college orientation? ›

More than half of incoming freshmen bring at least one parent, and many transfer students bring parents, spouses, or partners.

Should I bring anything to college orientation? ›

Orientation is only a short visit, so try to take only what you need. You'll want to save packing everything up for move-in day (Free Move-In Packing List). Pack lightly and efficiently. The only things you should have plenty of are questions!

What should you expect and how should you prepare for new student orientation? ›

Most programs are designed to help new students:
  1. Get to know their way around campus.
  2. Learn about services and resources provided by the college.
  3. Sign up for clubs and activities.
  4. Register for fall classes.
  5. Complete necessary paperwork.
  6. Take placement tests.

How to start an orientation speech? ›

Good morning to all. I would like to extend a sincere welcome to all our guests who gladly accepted our invitation and are present to celebrate our customary yearly orientation day celebration. I feel honoured to be addressing this gathering today. I would like to start with a brief history of our college.

What is the objective of orientation? ›

Orientations are a way of welcoming the employee into your company and getting them familiarised with your company. It lays the foundation for their work in your company. An orientation helps the employees in understanding their work better which eventually helps in improving their efficiency.

Why is new member orientation important? ›

By effectively orienting new members, you not only set the stage for immediate engagement but also lay the groundwork for sustained involvement. It ensures that members not only understand but also maximize the numerous benefits associated with their membership, leading them to stay actively involved for years to come.

Why is learning orientation important? ›

Learning orientation is a mindset that emphasizes the importance of learning from new experiences. People with a learning orientation are curious and open to new ideas. They are not afraid of taking on new challenges.

How important is orientation for new employees? ›

New hire orientation is important because it signifies the beginning of the relationship between employee and employer. Ideally, the first day of work will affirm a new employee's decision to join an organization. Orientation also sets the rest of the onboarding process up for success.

Why is orientation important for children? ›

Orientation is an important part of children's transition to school. It is an event or series of events that orientate children and families to significant features of their new school environment. Orientation occurs at a specific point in time as part of the longer-term process of children's transition to school.


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