Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (2024)

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FromSoftware's games have always been known to be difficult, and this goes doubly so for the Souls games. Elden Ring is no different in this regard and brought with it plenty of fabled enemies, such as the soul-crushing Malenia. A new boss in Shadow of the Erdtree may have usurped her spot, however.


Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Belurat, Tower Settlement Legacy Dungeon Guide

Because every castle needs more scorpions.

The final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree is indeed its most difficult, and this goes for the base game as well. Promised Consort Radahn is a categorically unfair fight, one that demands everything of you, including frequent build changes. Yet that is what it means to face a god, and we'll help you take one down.

Where To Find Promised Consort Radahn

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (2)

Being the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree, it takes some effort before you can face Promised Consort Radahn.

He is found at the highest peak of Enir-Ilim, a legacy dungeon that requires extra steps to reach. Here is what you need to do to reach Enir Ilim:

  • Defeat the Dancing Lion in Belurat, Tower Settlement.
  • Defeat Messmer in the Shadow Keep and claim Messmer's Kindling.
  • Defeat Romina, Saint of the Bud, in the Church of the Bud
  • Burn the Sealing Tree in Rauh, which will transport you to Enir-Ilim.

Enir-Ilim is the previously shadowy location above Belurat, but it is now uncovered. Scale it, and you will find Promised Consort Radahn awaiting you.

Just before you can face Radahn, you must defeat Needle Knight Leda and her companions.

Who you face in this encounter, and who will be allied with you, is determined by how you have interacted with characters up to this point.

Promised Consort Radahn's Strengths And Weaknesses

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (3)

Being a god, Radahn and Miquella's weaknesses are few and far between, while their strengths are almost innumerable. You can get a quick peek at said strengths and weaknesses in the table below, with some more detailed tips further down.



Naturally High Defences

Can Be Damaged Over Time With Scarlet Rot

No Elemental Weakness

Liable To Blood Loss And Frostbite

No Distinct Weapon Weaknesses

Capable Of Being Parried

Has Very High Poise

Can Be Stance Broken With Repeated Heavy Strikes

Resistant To Holy

He is resistant to Holy, has naturally high defences, and doesn't have any particular elemental weaknesses either. Much of it is bolstering your own defences to survive Radahn's onslaught.

Like any being of flesh and blood, however, he can bleed. Blood Loss won't be what wins you this battle, but it will give you a nice chunk of damage if you can manage to land enough attacks on Radahn fast enough.

Frostbite works here, too, and can be paired with fire to reset frost build-up.

He can be pretty hard to stance break as well due to his high poise and his relatively high speed, making it hard to land heavy strikes, though Guard Counters do good damage, and it becomes much easier to stance break him through the ease of the Deflecting Hardtear. Even gods can be parried, it seems.

Rather poetically, he can still be inflicted with Scarlet Rot even in this revived form.

Recommended Build Against Promised Consort Radahn

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (4)

There are no mincing words here - Promised Consort Radahn is hard. No matter what confidence you may have had up to this point, come prepared to have it shattered.

They follow a similar trend as the rest of the bosses in the DLC, having absurd strength mixed with seemingly impossible speed, and they will punish every mistake you make.

General Build Tips

As such, you need to come prepared for everything they will launch at you. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

  • Max out your Scadutree blessing to level 20, and Revered Spirit Ash to 10. Try for level 18 and 8 minimum.
  • Limit your equipment weight to light to easily avoid attack chains.
  • Conversely, go for a heavy build so you can tank his attacks.
  • Talismans like the Golden Braid, Holyproof Pickled Liver, and holy-resisting materials in the Wondrous Physick will help survive Radahn's second phase Holy attacks.
  • Radahn can bleed and be frostbitten.Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (5)Bloodflame Blade is great for this.
  • Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (6)Bloodboil Aromatic can raise your attack to help wear down Radahn faster.

If you're already at a medium roll, consider using the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (7)Winged Crystal Tear in the Wondrous Physick.

Those are all some helpful general tips and ones you can adjust your build around, with minimal adjustments. If you're a big fan of Sekiro, give the Deflecting Hardtear a try. It will make last-minute blocking and guard counters immensely powerful, making it much easier to stance-break Radahn.

Fire Perfume Build

If you're looking for some builds that will simply break the boss, then you should maybe consider one of the new perfume builds, which go as follows:

The perfume bottles also come in a few different elements, so feel free to adapt the talismans and spells to the element of your choosing.

How To Beat Promised Consort Radahn

Facing Radahn in his prime, in the body of Mohg, and with the blessing of Miquella, you can bet it will be a fight to define your experience with Shadow of the Erdtree. You plan to take down a god and their Promised Consort, after all.

Radahn will not give you room to breathe. You need to be fast on your feet and dodge every attack or be bulky enough with high stamina to tank through those attacks without flinching. By yourself, he'll close any distance between you both with ease.

If you have friends with you to take the aggro, you can more safely battle Radahn at range.

Though Radahn's first phase is entirely manageable, even by yourself, it is the second phase you need to worry about.

Entered once he's lost approximately a quarter of his health, Miquella will embrace Radahn and enhance all his moves with the power of a god. He will imbue all his attacks with Holy and aftershocks and will start teleporting around with ease. You need to keep him in your sights at all times.

There's no extra trick to it. You need to learn his moves and, without an otherwise broken build, keep trying until you've eventually remembered everything he can throw your way.

Promised Consort Radahn Moveset

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (14)

To give you a headstart on those moves, however, we're going to list them all below. They're not too complex in the first phase, though the added Holy aftershocks, duplicates, and teleportation make the second phase a whole lot harder to beat.



Attack Description



Gravity Rush

Radahn will coat his weapons in gravity magic and twirl at you from across the battlefield. He will usually start the battle with this or whenever you get too far away.

The easiest way to deal with this is to simply dodge into the move. Dodging away runs the risk of getting hit by the tips of his swords.


Gravitational Pull

Radahn will drag players around him closer with gravity, and then typically unleash a follow-up attack.

This move is hard to avoid, though deals only small damage. Unless you're far enough away, you'll be dragged in. Instead, prepare for his follow-up attacks.


Gravity Spikes

Radahn will use gravity magic to unleash spikes from the grounds that cascade outwards over time.

It's best to stay close to Radahn for this one as dodging away will likely let the spikes hit you as they travel outwards.


Dual Combo

Radahn will perform a slow swing of his two swords up to five times in a row, though can cancel this string at any time.

Because of the delay between strikes, a medium roll will likely not give you enough distance or recovery to avoid the full string.

Either blocking or dodging behind him is the best strategy.


Forward Slam

Radahn slams the ground with his swords, causing a small delayed explosion in front of him.

This attack can be easily avoided by dodging behind Radahn.


Slamming Slash

Radahn will jump into the air and perform a front flip before crashing down with both of his swords.

This is well-telegraphed, so simply dodge it. It has a relatively precise hitbox so any direction will avoid it.


Bloodflame Talons

Radahn, through the power of Mohg's body, will spill his own blood to cause it to explode in front of you. This is identical to the Bloodflame Talons incantation.

This attack is rarely used and easily avoided, though be wary of the delayed explosion that follows it and the blood loss it can incur.


Meteor Shower

Radahn will grind his swords along the ground before dragging himself and some boulders into the sky before launching them at the player.

The rocks and Radahn himself can target separately.

This attack isn't too hard to avoid as even running can avoid the boulders, while Radahn is kind enough to wait until the meteor shower is over to strike.


Holy Wave

Radahn will fire off a ranged holy wave in your direction as part of the swing of his sword. This attack hits at range or close.

Dodge to either side of the holy wave, though be prepared for another follow-up strike immediately afterwards.


Duplicate Slash

Radahn will send a series of afterimages of himself to strike you for smaller damage, before closing the gap and dealing a devastating strike himself.

This can be done in the air or on the ground.

When you see the afterimages coming your way, dodge to the side of them. If you avoid the first, you'll likely avoid the rest.

Dodge again when the real Radahn charges you.


Holy Radial

Radahn will slash in front of him with both swords, releasing a holy arc all around him.

Dodge in any direction to avoid this.


Miquella's Embrace

Radahn will attempt to grab you, with Miquella then embracing you and putting a curse on you.

This move is easy to avoid, but fatal if it lands twice. A second grab will result in instant death, so make sure to use Miquella's Great Rune to cancel the curse before he grabs you a second time.


Holy Aftershocks

As part of the majority of Radahn's moves now, holy aftershocks will follow.

For single slashes, these aftershocks will travel outwards, while for dual strikes they will hit in an arc in front of Radahn.

For the final strike in a combo string, the aftershock will hit in all directions around him and at a distance.

Because they are slightly delayed, they must be avoided differently.

If you are close to Radahn, dodge to his left and right to avoid the aftershock. If you're at a distance, dodge only as you see the shockwave appear.


Holy Burst

Radahn will slowly start levitating as holy gather around him. After a moment, the arena will burst in holy damage all around him.

The best way of avoiding this is to escape its radius. As soon as Radahn starts levitating, run as far from him as possible. The limits of the attack can be seen in the arena.


Holy Meteor Crash

Once Radahn reaches approximately a quarter of his remaining HP, he will disappear before sending down three devastating meteors from the heavens with the final one containing himself.

This attack is also imbued with holy.

Once you see Radahn teleport away, run. Get to the farthest reaches of the arena to try to avoid the meteors, and dodge when you see them coming for good measure.

He will only perform this attack once.

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That is a whole bunch of moves to keep into account, especially since Radahn can attack both up close and at range simultaneously. Keep your defences up, your dodge light, and eventually you'll slay this god. Good luck!

What To Do With The Remembrance Of A God And A Lord

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (15)

Once you have finally slain the god that is Miquella and Radahn, you will be gifted with the Remembrance of a God and a Lord, the combined remembrance of the duo.

As always, you could just use it up for a whole bunch of runes, but that seems like a waste after everything you went through to get it. Instead, bring it to Enia in the Roundtable Hold to get one of three items from it.

The first two are the Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (16)Greatsword of Radahn (Light) ) and Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (17)Greatsword of Radahn (Lord) . These are both the same in terms of stats and requirements (though the Light version requires 15 Intelligence as well), but both have a unique ash of war.

For the Light variant, you get the Lightspeed Slash ash of war, while the Lord version gets the Promised Consort ash of war.

The third and final item you can get from the remembrance is Light of Miquella , an incantation that requires 72 faith. This spell has you briefly in the air before summoning a cascade of light upon whatever enemy you're targeting. It has quite a range as well.

There are some new stone coffins added in Shadow of the Erdtree that allow you to replicate remembrances, though they are still quite limited so make sure you are confident in your choice.


Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - All Remembrance Bosses, Ranked

Remember these boss battles?

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree - Promised Consort Radahn Boss Guide (2024)


How to defeat Radahn in Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

Your best bet is to back away after the gravity pull, then dodge backward as the blades emerge. If you stay near Radahn during this, you'll take multiple hits. Once Consort Radahn's HP drops to about a third of its max value, a new phase begins.

Is promised consort Radahn the hardest boss? ›

Promised Consort Radahn is certainly one of the most challenging bosses in the DLC, but the two distinct phases of his fight put him on the same level as Malenia in Elden Ring. Although you don't have to use NPC or Spirit Ash summons, they will make the battle a bit easier.

Is promised consort Radahn the last boss? ›

However, not every Elden Ring DLC boss is a walk in the park, even for a folk hero – even Let Me Solo Her himself struggled to overcome Promised Consort Radahn, the expansion's final boss (via PC Gamer).

What is the recommended level to fight Radahn in Elden Ring? ›

When should you fight General Radahn in Elden Ring? Despite being just the fourth main boss in Elden Ring, there is a huge jump in power between Radahn and Godrick and Rennala. To avoid running up against a solid brick wall we'd recommend being between level 60-75 and rocking as upgraded a weapon as you can muster.

What is Radahn weak to? ›

Radahn is vulnerable to Frostbite and other status conditions, but especially Scarlet Rot. Rot Pots and arrows tinged with Scarlet Rot are good options if you want to take advantage of status effects for this fight.

Is Radahn the final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

Then there's Radahn. The final boss of Shadow of the Erdtree is not remotely balanced, way, way harder than anything you've encountered before.

Who is harder Radahn or Malenia? ›

Is he tougher than Malenia? That's a good question, as Malenia became infamous due to the many players that died at her blade and her Waterfowl Dance attack. However, she's not as tough as this new version of Radahn for a single reason: her moves are much more predictable, and it's easier to memorize her patterns.

What is the saddest boss fight in Elden Ring? ›

Deep within Elden Ring's Crumbling Farum Azula lies a secret entrance to one of the game's saddest bosses: Dragonlord Placidusax. There are many Elden Ring bosses players should feel bad for, and most of the game's lore is fraught with tragedy.

What is the most unfair boss in Elden Ring? ›

The Mohg, Lord of Blood battle in Elden Ring feels like an unexpected and deceitful battle because of a single, immensely overpowered move that this Omen uses. He will first say "Tres" and put a single red ring around the player's body. He then counts down to "Duo" and "Unus," adding another red ring each time.

How much HP does promised consort Radahn have? ›

Promised Consort Radahn
Drops500,000 Runes Remembrance of a God and a Lord
Strong VS Slash HolyWeak to Pierce Frost Hemorrhage Scarlet Rot
1 more row
5 days ago

What to do after promised consort Radahn? ›

After beating Consort Radahn in Elden Ring, explore the vast underground city filled with new enemies, treasures, and lore in Realm of Shadow. Activate the Radahn's Great Rune, receive Radahn's Remembrance and trade for unique weapons or convert into runes.

Does blaidd help with Radahn? ›

Speak to both and return to Blaidd for new dialogue about fighting Starscourge Radahn. Redmane Castle: When you arrive at Redmane Castle in southeast Caelid, Blaidd will be there to join in the fight against Radahn. You can speak to him, and summon him to assist in the battle.

When should I defeat Radahn? ›

This encounter is one of Elden Ring's more challenging ones, so be prepared before even thinking about coming here. We recommend you be at least Level 65 or 70 for this boss fight.

What to do after beating Radahn in Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

After beating Consort Radahn in Elden Ring, explore the vast underground city filled with new enemies, treasures, and lore in Realm of Shadow. Activate the Radahn's Great Rune, receive Radahn's Remembrance and trade for unique weapons or convert into runes.

Who is the main boss in Shadow of the Erdtree? ›

The 7 main bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree you have to beat are, in the following order: Divine Beast Dancing Lion. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. Golden Hippopotamus.

Can I summon against Radahn? ›

Each of the ten banners scattered across the arena has a specific pool of NPCs that can be summoned. Each summon sign can only be used once, but that's still enough summons that it's possible to defeat Radhan with summons only.


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